NEEL-TRIMARANS maintains its investment projects

Dear all,

All the necessary safety measures to protect employees having been put in place, NEEL-TRIMARANS has decided to gradually restart production in its plants since April 14, 2020.


NEEL-TRIMARANS will be one of the first companies in the nautical industries sector to resume production. This choice is motivated by three main reasons:

  • To keep the confidence of our customers, to satisfy them by delivering their orders…
  • Allow employees to recover 100% of their salary,
  • Participated in the national effort to revive economic activity.


NEEL-TRIMARANS is a healthy and economically solid company, it maintains in this exceptional context, all its investment projects.

The company is investing more than 4 million euros in 2020 for the construction of two new factories and for the creation of its new range of LEEN-TRIMARANS motorised trimarans. With this in mind, NEEL-TRIMARANS took care in 2019 to strengthen its equity capital by welcoming two participation funds to its capital.  

The consolidation of its organization allows the continuity of the development of a company whose growth rate has been above 2 digits for several years.

Take care of yourself,

Eric Bruneel