History and values


The success of trimarans is based on the know-how of passionate and expert teams.

The desire to design boats that combine safety, comfort and performance is at the heart of our ambitions.

Innovation and boldness

Since its creation, NEEL-TRIMARANS has been designing and manufacturing unique and innovative models.

Anticipating, innovating, improving while preserving and perpetuating what has proved its worth is the company’s spirit, which combines cutting-edge industrial processes with irreplaceable craft and manual know-how.

NEEL-TRIMARANS’ main objective is to satisfy its customers by offering them quality, innovative and safety.

History and values 11


NEEL-TRIMARANS designs offshore trimarans where safety is at the heart of the system. Innovation only makes sense if it guarantees safety on board.

This notion of safety is integrated at all levels of our company, both in the design and construction of our boats and also with our employees who work under safe conditions

Demanding company

The high standards set in the design and manufacture of our trimarans have built NEEL-TRIMARANS’ reputation, solidity and durability.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

NEEL-TRIMARANS’ factual and well-considered approach allows us to be part of a sustainable development process that integrates the three environmental, social and economic pillars.

Far from “Greenwashing”, we are convinced that it is now possible to work factually and independently on the environmental impact of our processes and products.

Our internal developments demonstrate that it is possible to combine hygiene, industrialisation and the environment.

NEEL-TRIMARANS’ approach to the environment is full of common sense:

“Let’s change for the right reasons and be sure to do better”.



  • 2010
    Design of the NEEL 50 prototype, validation of the concept and first communications on the NEEL-TRIMARANS brand.

Design and production of the NEEL 45, the company’s first production boat. CE certification of the world’s first deep-sea cruising trimaran.

NEEL 45 is launched. It will sell more than 26 models.


  • NEEL 45 is elected Boat of the Year by Sailing World and receives the Innovation Award by Cruising World (2 prestigious American awards).
  • Creation of the dealers network, purchase of land for the construction of a factory on the plateau nautique of La Rochelle.


  • Establishment of the plant on the plateau nautique of La Rochelle.
  • Design studies for NEEL 65 and manufacture of industrial tools.


  • The first NEEL 65 is equipped for commercial use with a permanent crew for luxury charter. It defines the company towards new quality standards.
  • The NEEL 45 “La Caravelle” is the winner of the ARC (Transatlantic Rally-Race). It demonstrates the performance of a trimaran against carbon catamarans.


  • Launch of NEEL 51


  • The NEEL 51 is three-time awarded (European Yacht of the Year, Multihull of the Year, USA Best Boat)
  • Construction of the 2nd plant and new NEEL-TRIMARANS offices
  • Acquisition of a new shipyard (TechniYachts) on the plateau nautique in La Rochelle: + 5,000 square meters
  • Launch of the NEEL 65 EVOLUTION, a new version of the NEEL 65 with an optimized interior layout.


  • Launch of NEEL 47.
  • The NEEL 47 is the winner (all categories combined) of the ARC +, a transatlantic rally race.


  • NEEL-TRIMARANS celebrates its 10th anniversary.
  • Launch of the LEEN range of trimarans (powered trimarans).


  • Launch of the first LEEN 72, flagship of the LEEN-TRIMARANS range.
  • Purchase of a new production plant in Périgny (12,300 additional sq. m. of production area).
  • Announcement of the NEEL 52.


  •  Awarded “Vague Bleue”, a label about waste and circular economy in the nautical field
  • Annoucment of the LEEN 51
  • Launch of the NEEL 52