The renowned ARC continues to smile on the NEEL trimarans

The three 2021-2022 versions of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, the famous transatlantic rally, have been marked by successive victories for NEEL trimarans.
More precisely :

Third consecutive podium for Minimole

Aldo and his NEEL 47 took 3rd place in the ARC multihull category, a “must do” for many sailors.

The ARC left last November for a 2,700 nautical miles crossing between Gran Canaria and Saint Lucia. More than 200 boats took part, including 31 multihulls of all makes.

It should be noted that Aldo and his NEEL 47 had already finished first in all categories in the ARC Plus (a variation of the ARC with a stopover in Cape Verde) in 2019, and third, again all categories combined, in the ARC 2020. Quite a record!

Le réputé l'ARC continue de sourire aux trimarans NEEL 4
Le réputé l'ARC continue de sourire aux trimarans NEEL 1

Another NEEL 47 dominates the ARC Plus

Steve, recent owner of a NEEL 47, takes first place in the multihull category of the ARC Plus (with stopover in Cape Verde).

The American owner and his crew had an outstanding race, winning both legs, from Las Palmas to Mindelo and from Mindelo to Grenada.

A NEEL 51 wins the ARC January a few weeks after its launch

Finally, Eric and Gisela’s NEEL 51 came first in all categories in the ARC January (last transatlantic rally of the season).

This NEEL 51 had just been launched a few weeks before taking the start. She had sailed from the NEEL-TRIMARANS shipyard (La Rochelle) to Las Palmas (start of the rally), her second mooring was in Saint Lucia where she arrived as the winner!

NEEL-TRIMARANS can be proud of the state of finish and preparation of the boat at the time of delivery.

Results testify to the quality of NEEL trimarans

These rally-regattas are an opportunity to compare, with identical weather patterns for all and on the same course, the different models of multihulls (FOUNTAINE PAJOT, OUTREMER, EXCESS, LAGOON, MARSAUDON, PRIVILEGE, etc.) present on the market, to study their behaviour and speed. The ARC is an excellent test laboratory for the various multihull yacht builders.

NEEL-TRIMARANS is particularly satisfied and proud to see its models consistently on the podium at the finish of these transatlantic regattas and is also very happy for  these talented owners, all members of the NEEL OWNERS COMMUNITY, which they honour with their results.

The NEEL 43 following in the tracks of its elders?

More and more multihulls are signing up for this transoceanic race, which is certainly supervised and good-natured, but which remains a regatta with an ocean to cross.

The NEEL 43, the latest addition to the range, has not yet taken part in the ARC, but has already completed a transatlantic crossing between Lisbon and Tortola, where she joined one of our TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER bases.

la gamme, n’a pas encore participé à l’ARC, mais a déjà une transatlantique à son actif entre Lisbonne et Tortola où il a rejoint une de nos bases TRIMARAN YACHT CHARTER.

Le réputé l'ARC continue de sourire aux trimarans NEEL 2
le NEEL 47 vainqueur de la catégorie multicoques de l'ARC Plus au mouillage à Grenade. Crédits photos : World Cruising Club