Gender equality index

In accordance with the law of 5 September 2018 for the freedom to choose one’s professional future and its application decree of 8 January 2019, aimed at eliminating pay gaps between women and men, NEEL-TRIMARANS publish each year its gender equality index.

What this index consists of

The gender equality index is a score out of 100, obtained from 5 indicators:

  • The gender pay gap (scored out of 40 points)
  • Difference in the rate of increase (35 points)
  • Increases on return from maternity leave (15 points)
  • The presence of women among the highest earners in the company (10 points)

The gender equality index at NEEL-TRIMARANS :

Equality between women and men is one of the major societal issues to which NEEL-TRIMARANS is committed.

Our index remains at 93/100 and is broken down as follows:

Pay gap: 39/40

Difference in the rate of increase: 35/35

Index increase after Maternity: NA

Gender index among the 10 highest earners: 5/10

INDEX: 93/100